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 Exotic, invasive Japanese beetle (JB) defoliates leaves of many trees, landscape plants and removes roots from turf.  The IPM principles are the same, but the pests are different.

  • Learn what insecticides to use to kill pests and conserve predators, parasitoids, and bees.
  • Learn new and old ways to control this invasive pest using trunk injections, bark sprays, and microbial, biorational, and conventional insecticides. 
  • Learn why the life history of JB makes it more of a pest that other invasive and native beetle species in the same family. 
  • Learn how to identify the adults and grubs of 8 species of beetles in the same beetle family. 
  • Learn why JB populations have increased since 2015.
  • Learn how to control JB on trees with fruits as different insecticide labels are needed.
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February 20, 2018 1:00 PM Eastern
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1 hour
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Better Ways to Manage Japanese Beetles
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